Tuesday, June 28, 2011

RNR Seattle - Part One!

Oh, Rock 'n Roll Weekend. 

Last year, I was new to the blogging scene.  I knew Mel from introducing myself at a book signing in Seattle, but didn't really know anyone else.  A good friend (and fellow tailgater) - Weslie, is lucky enough to live right on top of the race course.  I headed to her house at the ungodly hour of 7am to watch everyone run by, hoping that I could run it next year. 

Fast forward 12 months.

I'm really good friends with a ton of ladies (and men!) who are running the race.  Weslie's husband is running it.  My co-workers are running it!  It's an EVENT OF EPIC PROPORTIONS. 

Since I had a few weeks to prepare as the 'aid station', I had some goals in mind:

1)  View the race with Weslie, hopefully with some sort of adult drink in hand.
2)  Make it to the finishing area to see friends finish (and the first-time-marathoner friends finish!)
3)  Provide support for the peeps who were giving it the form of motivation or food.

A few ideas came out of this - bringing orange slices and capri suns to the finish line (ala soccer practice when we were kids), making posters for the first time marathoners, being the 'driver' to a group, and photo-documenting along the way.

My sister, who is an amazing artist (and poster maker) was recruited to make posters for the marathoners and EMZ (because I thought it was hil-ari-ous).
From Kerrie's spectating poster last year...

I cut up oranges, got bananas and M&M's ready, then headed off to the EXPO on Friday. 

After the Expo, we hit up my favorite lunch spot in Seattle - six/seven restaurant in the Edgewater hotel.  We chowed. Down.  $12 for a half sandwich, salad, cup of soup, and homemade parmesan cheese potato chips.  YES PLZ. 

A quick trip home, then I was back in the car for a drive through Seattle rush-hour traffic to the south end for the big bloggy dinner.  

Yes, I carb-loaded.  It was like sympathy pregnancy weight that dads gain.  I also love cheesebread.

After dinner (and goodies, which I will mention in a later post!), Kerrie, Zoe, Jill and I piled into the elevator for the one-floor trip down to the main level of the restaurant.  We didn't want the first-timers to get hurt, you know?  Since they had eaten so much pasta and weighed a ton?  Right?  ANYWAYS, Jill & I were in a nutso mood (we did have a glass of wine each, whooooboy!), and started using the elevator rail to stretch.

Uhm, yup.


This photo will forever make me laugh.  I snuck a thank-you card into Mel's purse.  After our elevator adventure, Jill and I resumed being crazy in the parking lot, 'stretching out' against the bumpers of our cars and generally being silly.  Mel called me after finding the card, and came over to find us.  Mel & I are clearly having a moment...while Jill is, well, being awesome.  :D

Race-Day recap coming up!


  1. All of the RnR recaps look so fun! You Seattle runners are the coolest!

  2. You and your awesome cards...

    ...and signs...

    ...and general awesomeness.

  3. Those signs are awesome!
    The elevator shot is great!

    It was nice to meet you at the dinner!

  4. I have to tell you how amazing it was to see you at Mile 7 and get that huge cheer from you! It carried me the next 2 miles! Hope to run into you again this year.

  5. OMG! Thank you SO MUCH FOR THE SIGNS!!!!!! They are beautiful!! And you, Chelsea, are so awesome and thoughtful. I wish I was around for the See Jane Run Half (I'll be in Michigan) so I could return the cheering. Next race...???

  6. Hehe! When I saw the posters during the race I got excited! "I know those names!! Bloggers!" :)

  7. Yep, like Kerrie said, your general awesomeness!!! Thank you for being awesome and for your awesome race support!!!

    And that moment photo with Jill totally cracks me up too!! Still laughing!!!

  8. looks like you had fun race weekend, i was running the half. I've never been to the edgewater restaurant i'll have to check it out!