Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer! It's here! (and a recap of my LOL day)

Well, it's July 6th.  This means summer in Seattle has officially begun.  Traditionally, our July 4ths are gross, with July 5th being sunny, clear, and perfectly wonderful.  The 4th this year was AMAZING - which explains my awesome tan lines and circles under my eyes. :)

I have this week off of work, which means a bit of free time on my hands (muwahah) and plenty of sunshine to enjoy.  Today though was an epic fail.

The original plan was to get up, be out the door by 9am, to get to the Cedar River Trail by 10am.  I'd ride 20 miles (90 mins or so), then meet Kerrie and Mel for lunch near their work.  Come home, have a nap, and eat food.

GREAT!  FANTASTIC!  Wake up, pop bread in the toaster for toast, and fire up the Keurig.  Open the fridge to get milk....and find the gallon of sun tea I had made yesterday now residing in the bottom of my fridge.  Oh God.

Start cleaning up the worst of that disaster.  Realize the tea is under the left produce bin...which means I'll need to take the door off the fridge or pull the fridge out from its spot.  We have the doors that open from the middle out, and since the fridge is up against a wall on the left hand side, I can't open the door far enough to get the bin out.  Oh Lord.  Close fridge doors.  Open doors.  Sigh.  Find mop.  Remove right side bin, mop up that mess.

Finally get milk out.  Open it, (it's a new jug) and spill milk all over counter.   Count to ten.

Get car loaded up, get on road.  Hit traffic.  Count to 15.

Get to trail, see a text from Kerrie.  I'm only 10 mins late at this point, which means 18 miles instead of 20. No big deal.  Text says we're meeting at 11:30, not 12.  I had the time wrong.  At this point, it's 10:15, which means I have about 45 mins to ride.  Okay, 10 miles.  Let's do this.

Unpack car.  Get front tire back onto frame.  Snap into shoes.  Adjust shorts.  Close tailgate, pack away phone and key in waist-pack-thing.  Tap my helmet.

No Helmet.

Are. You. Kidding. Me.

Repack car.  Decide I'm going to Target in my bike shorts, electric blue shirt, and flipflops.   Remember I brought my purple & gold tempo shorts.  Pull those over bike shorts.  Lookin' classy.

Drive to REI.  Buy a new helmet (to keep in the car).  Wander around aimlessly.  Go into restroom to change into just tempo shorts.

Meet Kerrie and Mel for lunch.  Delicious.  Drive home.  Pull out fridge, clean out rest of tea.  Set up new tea to brew on balcony.  Sit down.  Fire up trashy tv.  10 minutes into Teen Mom and the entire TV and DVR set up just turn off.  Ka-Boom.

Spend next 30 minutes IM'ing with Mike, trying to figure out what's wrong.  End up plugging in TV to another outlet.

I finally ended up outside, convinced I needed to be away from large objects, lying half on the grass, half on the pavement, and falling asleep.

So, a rest day.  YAY!  Tomorrow will be different.  Tomorrow I'll ride my bike and maybe run a bit, and my Adult Bocce Ball league starts.  I'll be an instant pro and will do a victory lap after my successful takedown of a male team.



  1. Wow. Heckuva day you had! Here's to everything going your way today! :)

  2. Haha, oh man. What a day! It happens to the best of us. Enjoy your time off!

  3. Was so GREAT to see you and enjoy tasty food and good coversation. Wish we would have had more time..