Friday, July 8, 2011

Letting Go.

At some point in the last year, I took a Bikram yoga class.  I was so scared of it.  The heat!  The sweating!  My shoulders!  Oh God!

I hate sweating.  I used to hate even a little bit - now I'm okay with it.  But crazy summer-running-in-the-sun type sweating?  GEH.

I walked in to the studio, wearing the baggiest stretchy clothes I owned.  I sat down on the mat, beads of sweat already breaking out across my forehead.

Well.  Here we go.

At some point during the class, as I freaked out about my form and the sweat dripping off my arms (creepiest feeling ever), my mind went into overload mode.

And at that point...I let go.  I stopped worrying about the angle of my legs.  I stopped worrying about the burning in my shoulders.  The sweat.  The thirst.  I just stopped THINKING, and went with it.  And I loved it. 

I need to LET GO while running something fierce.  With every step, it feels like I'm fighting myself.  Fighting the sweat coursing off my head (damn you, summer).  Fighting my lungs, which have been without air for what feels like years. 

If I have any hope of actually running the majority of the half next weekend...I need to find this space.  I hope it will come early.  


  1. I'm gonna be with you every step. And cannot wait! I know you've done 13 miles, so we both know you can do it. But when you cross that finish a race, you will be bursting with confidence!

    Are you on board with the run/walk?

  2. Letting go is tough! I know I couldn't really let go at my first half and wanted to quit at some point, but I had no idea when the next water stop was or where I wsa so I could quit! In the end I pushed through and crossed that finish line and you will also! You have a wonderful support system to help you along the way.

  3. You can totally do it! Just think about literally anything else but running and the miles will fly by. Sometimes I try to count my steps, make up songs in my head, think about what I'd say if I ever met Justin Timberlake (seriously), or have it out with my mom for the millionth time. What ever it is, it really helps the miles pass and I feel awesome when I'm done. Good luck! All your blog readers are cheering for you! :)

  4. Not sure if you've heard this before, (probably have): Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.

    So just know that you can do this! Kerrie wouldn't do it with you if you weren't ready!

  5. You've done it before. You know you are physically able. It's all mental now and you, my friend, can do this!

  6. AMEN let it go darlin and ENJOY the run!

  7. Iam running the same half this weekend and my longest run to date is 7.45 miles! I am freaked! But I will do it! You will do it too!