Sunday, August 14, 2011

Something weird...

I've been working on a blog post for almost a week now - nothing super exciting, just kind of my 'evolved' ideas on what I put in my food hole.   It's not coming out right though.  Hrm.

One thing that keeps rolling around in my mind is the food I ate when I was young.  PBandJ.  Tuna sandwiches with yellow mustard instead of horseradish.

My favorite thing though?


Yep.  Jelly and cheese sandwiches.  Preferably raspberry jam and sharp cheddar. 

I never *ever* knew this was weird.  Not until I showed up to elementary school and wondered why my classmates thought I was nuts.  

My dad was in charge of making our school lunches, and this was one of his favorite combos.  Where did it come from?  Not entirely sure.  I think it was something his dad made him.  

I'll always love the contrast of the sharp bite of the cheese with the sweetness of the jam.  It's the perfect balance.  

What's something that *your* family does that might be odd?  I know you Canadians think us crazy for PBandJ

(Now that I'm a Grown-Up (LOL), I simply take a Tilla-moo (single slice of cheddar) and dunk it in my jar of jam.  Happy clam.)


  1. Haha .. that sounds gross. BUT I'm English so I don't do the PB&J either. I do love cheese though so maybe I should try it with jelly, never know. I would say the weirdest thing I eat (according to my American husband) is baked beans on toast. Mmmm .. comfort food!

  2. Lol...It just goes to show that most foods are an acquired taste, and what we think of as "normal" is really just what we're used to. :)

  3. I'm from Canada and LOVE PB&J! Grew up on it :)

    Hmmm...I know Rob has an aunt who like mustard with her chocolate cake...that's pretty bizarre.

    My great-nana used to make sandwiches with canned ham, mayo &'s pretty tasty...but maybe weird?

  4. That sounds oddly delicious! I have neither cheddar nor jam in my apartment, but if I did, I'd be sampling it right now!

  5. I like mayo on my steamed broccoli. It grosses Mr. T out every time.

  6. Hmmm, interesting! I love turkey bacon and peanut butter on a bagel. My FAVE. YUM!

  7. YUM! That is one of my favorite sandwiches. But I do grilled cheese with jelly on top. It's all sweet, salty buttery deliciousness. My husband gags. He crazy.