Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three Things Thursday

I disappeared!  Life has been *CRAZY* the last two weeks!

1.  For those of you who don't follow me on the Twitter, I worked a *lot* last week.  Like 70-hours-a-lot.  I'm still slightly brain dead, but given the team I am on, and the fact I support vendors who have a more 'typical' retail sales schedule...well.  March is looking mighty fine right now.

2.  I started PT for the ole' ankle!  YAHOO!  My PT - Ashley - told me I did my ankle up good.  That's how I roll.  :)  Seriously, though, I screwed up nearly every part of my ankle - from the exterior ligaments that were strained to the inflamed interiors that have been trying to hold me upright for 6 the muscles and tendons in the rear of my calf and the nerves along the front of my foot.  Right now we're working on doing ultrasound on the near-permanant swelling in my ankle & doing gentle strength & flexibility exercises.

3.  I get to BIKE in a few weeks...and RUN in 8!  Woo woo!  Until you're laid up AND have a major life stress going on you have NO IDEA how much you love to sweat.  At one point last week I just put my head on my desk at work and whined audibly about how I just wanted to RUUUUUN.  While BBQ'ing kebabs this weekend, a girl was running sprints up and down my block.  I briefly considered stabbing her little torso with my BBQ-Fork-Thing.  :)

Anyways.  I'm always around on Twitter, but I feel a bit guilty writing about non-running and non-fitness related stuff on here.  We have some major family stuff going on right now (nothing bad), and some up coming trips to Philadelphia and the Bay Area/CA in September.

Oh, and Pinterest owns me. Follow me there!


  1. Oh, do I understand!
    I'm starting to think of new activities I can do to calm my nerves while I don't run. Killing people beating them with my crutches seems a reasonable one...


  2. I'm also on a bit of a running break now due to tendonitis (8 weeks for you...ouch!) My PT has recommended aqua jogging. I'll look like an old lady but at least i'll get my legs moving. Hope the rest of your month goes quickly so you can enjoy your trips in September!