Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This is a running blog...right?

There's been a SERIOUS lack of fitness-related content...and it's my fault.  I know, I know.  But mostly?  It's my ankle's fault.  Sucker's been super swollen and sore for, well, long enough.  Trying to get into my Sports Med Dr's office this week to make sure everything is okay.

Since I haven't been sweating, I've been a bit ancy.  Took that out on the poor, poor under-sink cabinets in my house today.  How's these for some before & afters.  (HEY IT TOTALLY COUNTS.)

That wicker basket is COMPLETELY full of crap.

JJ helped by shredding a paper bag.

And then collapsing with the fatigue of it all.

Yeah, he really sleeps like that.

All is not lost.  I have four houseguests tonight!

Hopefully a report from the doc later this week - if not - expect to be seeing updates of my new 'minimalist' home. :D


  1. Oh, I wish I'd go crazy on my cabinets like that. Those crabs said they want to visit the Avg Woman Runnr...

  2. Glad to see i am not the only person who ever let my cabinets get out of shape. haha Now if only I had a reason to get all gung ho about making them nice and neat again..

  3. This ankle thing is some serious lamery (oops, that might be a bad pun). I'm with you on the going crazy when you can't run.

    That picture of JJ is the cutest dog picture I've seen this week and I look at a lot of dog pictures!