Tuesday, August 2, 2011

When mom asks if you like crab...

Oh, this weekend.

This weekend will live in infamy.

I bugged out early of work on Friday to do laundry, have a relaxing lunch, and do grocery shopping for that night's event.  The event?  Brandi Carlile at the Woodland Park Zoo!  Dave Matthews even showed up.  There's simply not more that I need than sitting in a grassy meadow, chowing down on some fancy meats, cheeses, and baugettes while hanging with BF & friends listening to Brandi on a 75 degree evening.

 Home not too late, switched the laundry, and to bed to get ready for a busy Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday.  Oh Saturday.  83 degrees.  Sunny.  Wearing a skirt and fancy tanktop. 

Casual walk around the neighborhood, then load up the car + dog and drive to Mike's parent's house.  Then, off to Kerrie's house for a steak dinner with her hubs & T.Jr. 

We, of course, had to take the Mustang.  Yes, the Mustang that's older than I am.

That's red and wood interior.  I love this car.  Give it another 10 years and it will be a 'classic'. 

Cruisin' on the way to Kerrie's. 

The food?  AMAZING.  The company?  Even better.  Warm summer Saturday night spent with good friends and adorable little boys and good food and beer are epic.

Sunday?  Errands day for me.  It was payday and I haven't been to Target or Costco in months.  BAM.

But when mom texts you asking if you like crab?  You don't reply 'yes'.  You just jump in your car and speed to her house.

Hello Mr. Crabby.  GET IN MAH BELLY.

These suckers were HUGE.  and DELICIOUS.  I ate an entire one.

After mom & Joe had picked up their plates.  After rolling around lamenting how lucky we were, I rolled back to Orting.

To help GOLF!  Mike & his mom were playing the course that they live on.  When they pulled up to the hole they live on, I ran out with JJ and proceeded to 'help'.

AKA try to kill someone with the golf cart.

The night wrapped up with some fancy salsa and chips from a little fruit stand in Tacoma...

then?  SLEEP!

Adios, awesome weekend.  I'll miss you.


  1. BTW - on the drive home yesterday, T Junior said, "I want to go to Chewesey's house."

  2. love this!!

    BTW - that's classic NOW!


  3. Love the car! My brother had one when we were younger and I LOVED driving it! "Oh you need someone to go to the store .. I'll go!!!"

    Target and Costco .. you're talking my language!!