Thursday, February 9, 2012


So, bootcamp.  I think I talk about bootcamp almost as much as I talk about the wedding.  I freaking LOVE IT.

It's an hour long, outside (mud, rain, or sun) with 20 or so other ladies.  We meet M-T-W from 6:30-7:30pm and then on Sat mornings 9:30-10:30.  Armed with our yoga mats and not much else, we set up in a patch of grass near the basketball courts.  A typical hour long class looks something like this:

1/2 mile jog to warm up
2 sets of 30 second planks.
2 set of 20 second side planks on each side. 
1 set of planks with the hip shimmy. 20 on each side. 
3 min of cardio.
10 Girl Push Ups.
10 Push Ups with your hands outside of the mat and your fingers outward. 
10 Push Ups with your thumbs and index fingers touching, in a triangle. 
3 min of cardio.
20 bicycles. Elbow cross your body towards opposite knee. 
100's. Up with your shoulders and head and push down your arms 100 times
2 x 25 crunches with your knees in by your chest
3 min of cardio.
10 Suicides. Up in hand plank, and down on your elbows and then back up on your hands. 
10 girl push ups. 
10 walking push ups. Up on your feet. Walk your hands down to a plank. 3 push ups, and then walk your hands back up to standing, then 3 jumping jacks.

Now, that's just the arms/abs 'homework' in case we miss a class.  On legs days, we run drills across the basketball courts, do 2x court lengths of lunges, do wall sits for minutes at a time... OOF.

I could do this stuff at home (and likely will, after class is over), but it's just so much FUN doing it outside with other women.  Giving in to the squish of the mud between your fingers, panting as you sprint as FAST as you can, the swear words as we all tip over on side planks because our exhausted bodies can't hold us up anymore.