Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SOWL Week 2

Current Weight:    195
LW Weight:         199
LW Loss:             -4

Things I did last week:

I did sweat everyday except Thursday.  Saturday, in lieu of an official workout, I cleaned out the garage for 4 hours.  I did cut out obvious processed sugar from my diet (candy, cakes, sweetner, etc.)  I also tried hard to cut out processed foods as best I could.  Caloric intake stayed around 1400 for days when I exercised 20-30 mins, 1500 for days when I was 30+ min. 

Goals for week three:

Mental: Take it one day at a time.  A bit of rest won't kill you.

Diet: Look at labels.  Cutting out sugar is great but what else am I missing?

Exercise: Sweat once a day. Except for Friday.  Go FIVE miles on Sunday!

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  1. Woohoo! This is so awesome. I hope I have a week like this soon. :)