Sunday, November 21, 2010

Single Lady Weekend

Mike is off in Las Vegas this weekend for a family event.  I stayed home because of a concert (Brandi Carlile w/ the Seattle Symphony Orchestra) - and to have a few days to myself.

I know I've never fully explained me & Mike's story on here - but long story short is that I've never lived by myself.  I moved out of my parent's house when I was 20 & moved directly in w/ Mike.  

This means that when I am by myself....I go a little crazy.  Usually it involves some wine and fast food, and lots of shopping.  This weekend was a bit different - I stayed home yesterday and watched three movies (Notting Hill, Good Will Hunting, and The Proposal) while enjoying a bottle of my favorite white from my favorite winery in Chelan.  

This morning - a wee bit hungover, I must admit - I wanted Jack In the Box SO BAD.  It's my go to for hangovers since I was 21.  I put my clothes on, grabbed my keys, opened the front door...and stopped.  I had breakfast ingredients here.  I could cook.  I backed away from the front door, took off my shoes, and started pulling pans out of cabinets.  

It ended up being a great success.  I had red potatoes that I sliced very finely, and cooked in a pan with some curry powder & Johnny's Seasoning (If you are a PNW'er, you likely know Johnny's.  If not, you are MISSING OUT.)  I also had this great sausage I found on AmazonFresh, oven-baked Bacon, and eggs.  DELICIOUS!  JJ got a bit of everything after I had finished - he really is a spoiled dog.  Being as how we didn't really get out of bed until noon, I didn't feel too bad eating such a big breakfast - it was basically lunch at that point!

We watched some football, played some Dance Central on the Kinect - which I learned has 'workout' mode.  That was really fun - I sweat a bit and got my heart rate up!  It started to snow again, so I threw on my new tights & the rest of my running gear and headed out.  It was SO cold, especially when the wind picked up.  I was sweating, but my cheeks were burning from being so cold.  

All in all, an A+ weekend.  JJ & I are curled up in front of our fireplace right now, enjoying some Christmas music & the flames. :)

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  1. You Go Girlfriend! Glad you had such an awesome weekend! And nice job on deciding to cook instead of eat out!