Friday, January 21, 2011

Bloggy meetup!

1.  I've been fighting off a cold for 3 weeks now...and I think my body is finally giving in.  I'm exhausted, have a scratchy throat, and am off and on stuffy.  BLEH!

2.  Dinner last night was AWESOME.  My cheeks and jaw are sore from talking & laughing so much.  I have some cell phone pictures at the bottom of this post to help recap the evening!

3.  Driving home after dinner took almost 40 minutes, and I was ROCKING OUT.  There's a new oldies station in town, and it's right next to the Dance Music station on my presets.  I cranked up the volume, set the cruise control, and was having a giant dance/karaoke party in the car.  You know you're jealous.

4.  We were laughing at dinner because everyone except Mel was wearing 'Real' clothes.  (She was wearing a sports jacket).  Then, we all looked around and started admitting the running gear we were wearing.  I was sporting my Smart Wool footies with my Danskos.  Jill was wearing her compression socks under her knees.  We're such nerds!

5.  There was an odd party eating dinner next to us at the restaurant.  10+ younger girls, one older man who took frequent smoke breaks, and an older woman.  They all just LOVED Goober and loved their WINE even more!  Near the end of the night, it started to look like the older man was doing psychic readings or something for some of the girls.  It got VERY quiet in the room we were in...except of course for our table.  :)

6.  Confession: I haven't run this week.  I've been completely WIPED.  Work has been insane & I've been unable to escape away for even a 20 min run at lunch.  I'm somewhat disappointed, but this is LIFELIFE can get in the way sometimes, it's how you rebound from it is what matters. :)

Mike & I are off to the boat show tonight, then lots of couch time & laundry this weekend.  I'm hoping to finish up a new shawl, so new pics of knitting stuff next week! 

Mel with little Goobs, she got us all swaying with her!

Kerrie re-hydrating after her drink.  I like to pretend that's a drunk sway she's got going on there.

Zoe doing her best 'Kerrie', as we called it.


  1. We MUST do this was SO MUCH FUN!
    Feel better, chica. Drink some wine. ;)

  2. UG! I'm sorry you've got the bug too. Why won't this thing end?! I hope you're feeling better soon soon. Looking forward to those knitting pics.