Thursday, March 10, 2011

Three Things Thursday!

3TT in Pictures!

1)  I've been trying to add more color to my workout-gear.  It's ALL black.  I found this lululemon tee on sale...and basically want to live in it.  (I tried to get JJ to pose with me, but he was obsessed w/ his new Nylabone)

Leave me alone, mom!!

2)  I RAN hills yesterday.  It was really tough.  But I did it!  (Well, most of it.)  I came back to my desk to get my crap afterwards and my boss was like.  'Whoa.  You are very red.'  I tried to capture my feelings on the drive home:
Yeah, wearing blue shirt again.  Shhhh.

Look excited!  You're alive!  And in traffic!
Am I nuts for taking pics of myself in the car??
After sitting in the car, I was feeling a bit tight.  I stretched against the wall when I got home.  MMmm.  Then the cat showed up to 'help'.

Mike has learned to not ask questions when he gets home and I'm doing crazy shit.

Don't worry, squeaky help has arrived.

3)  I've rediscovered nutella.  Enough said.


  1. Oh god. Nutella.

    You are lookin' good, lady!

  2. You look great! And I love nutella. I don't even use bread, just spoon-to-mouth for me. No need for a middleman.

  3. Good grief. I rediscover Nutella every day. What else are you gonna put on your apples, toast, finger, etc.?

  4. Almost all of my workout pants are black. I specifically sought out brown ones (in case I ever crap my pants). I'd really love to find some in obnoxious colors, but those seem to be limited to sweat pants only, which, boo.

  5. See, I love philosophy, but, I have a whole book shelf devoted to lady detective novels and silly vampire books (though not the T-word ones).

  6. oooo---craving Nutella now! That shirt looks fab on you and is the perfect color! DOn't you love post workout pics?!

  7. lululemon clothes are meant to be lived in, slept in, sweat in and played in. Fact.