Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ten (10!) Miles!

You guys, I did it.

Ten miles on Saturday.  TEN!  (10!)

Ten's been that big-number-in-the-sky for me, and I think that's true for most runners.  It's the number where blisters start showing up, you legitimately think about fueling, and, well, that whole extra digit in the mileage column is no longer a monkey on your back.

SO!  Let's recap my Saturday, eh?

I only had 9 on the plan for Saturday.  A friend from work wanted to Rollerblade at Greenlake - so I suggested she just rollerblade as I ran.  Greenlake's just under 3mi around, so I figured 3+ laps would put me at 9 miles nicely.  Perfect. 

Except said friend is so amazed at how dedicated I have been with my training, she signed up for RnR Seattle Half this week!  Great!  She's never run more than 5 miles at one time before, so I suggested we do two laps of Greenlake (for 6 mi), then evaluate how she was feeling after that.

I had my handheld water bottle w/ Nuun Tri-Berry & a Espresso Gu.  Last time I took a Gu, my stomach was not happy.  Greenlake has ample bathrooms, so I figured this would be the run to try it out again.  I took 1/2 a Gu at mile 3 and am HAPPY to say I was fine!

Greenlake is boring for me.  People being inconsiderate, dogs on extended Flexi leashes, and constant weaving make me angry.  After two laps, I was angry + bored and not exactly riding a running high.

WorkFriend made it to 5.7 miles.  I offered to drive her back to my house (where her car was), then finish up my miles solo.  I was actually glad for the change of plans - it was GORGEOUS here on Saturday, which means most of Seattle puts on their Lululemon outfits and heads to Greenlake.  It was nearly impossible to run by the time we left because it was so crowded.

Sped home, dropped off my empty water bottle & iPod at home, took 4 Chomps, and headed back out on my normal neighborhood routes. 

I was just listening to my footsteps & breathing. 

I loved it.

Miles 6&7 flew by.  I got to my normal water fountain at the Locks at 7.3 miles. 

I had 1.7 left on plan.

But I felt good.  Tired, but good.  Nothing was sore, twingy, or angry.  I wanted that TEN!

I had a little pep talk.  I could do this.  I'm paranoid of increasing my mileage too fast - I don't want to get hurt! - but I felt GOOD. 

So off I went.  Across the Locks, swerving around tourists.  Savoring the spray that was coming up from the fish ladder spouts being open.  Enjoying the gorgeous day & thinking about how damn good that ice bath was going to feel afterwards.

9.8!  I was almost there!  I look up - a whole gaggle of tourists taking up the entire sidewalk.  I yelled out 'On your Left!' as best I could, but they all just stopped, turned around and gaped at me.  Aghhh!  If I stop now & walk I'll never get going again!

Dodged them.  Garmin chimes for 10 miles.  I hit 'Stop' and bend over saying 'Oh thank God.'  Guy on the sidewalk laughs at me and says 'Good Job'.

I walk home, taking my shoes off for the last two blocks.  It felt SO GOOD.  I walked in the grass planting strip that lines our street. 

Ice bath (sans ice, so cold-water-bath) with chocolate milk.  Hot shower.  CEP Compression Sleeves on (spanx for your legs! LOVE!)  Errands, yard work, then finally the couch. 

My body was TIRED! - but not sore!  YAY!  That's like the ultimate achievement.  My body CAN handle this, I've trained diligently and wisely and the rewards are finally coming!

Sunday I was a bit stiff in my hips, but everything else was FINE.  My legs actually felt like running - the first time I've really felt that.  We went to Ikea instead & walked around for a while.

Yesterday I still wasn't sore, just HUNGRY!  Easter brunch was a bit of a bust, so I think I was leftover hungry from not eating much this weekend.

So, yeah.  Ten miles.  21 in a single week.  I had a bit of champagne last night to celebrate.  3.1 more and I'm running GD Half Marathons! :)


  1. Awesome job on the 10 miler!!! I have thought about heading to GreenLake for a few laps and always figure it is just going to be crazy busy -so I hit my local trail.

  2. CONGRATS, CONGRATS! Your first 10 miler, double digit run is a HUGE deal. So proud of you and excited for you. If you can do can for sure go 13.1. Way to go...crashing down that wall of...can' CAN, CAN, CAN!

  3. You deserve to celebrate! 10 miles is a big accomplishment! AWESOME JOB!!!

  4. Congrats! You are awesome! Your recovery strategy is very similar to mine, except I head straight to the couch or my bed after the shower part.

  5. Congrats. Double digits is always a great accomplishment no matter how long you have run. Great job!

  6. Congrats on double digits!!! I still remember the first time I ran 10! ITs a great accomplishment

  7. Great job! I've only hit double digits once and it was a great feeling!! Love your blog!

  8. Chelsea - If you don't mind, can you share what software you use to download your Garmin information to? Your screen shots of training are so clean and easy to read and I love the way it shows your splits.


  9. Chelsea, Thank you so much! I have been using the Garmin Training Center versus Garmin Connect and the Connect is so much better.

    Guess I'm going to have to try mindless TV on the treadmill to see if that helps. I hate seeing that I am going slower with my first half marathon in 6 weeks! I guess I am still moving so that counts. LOL!

    Thanks again and happy running this weekend!