Thursday, April 28, 2011

Three Things Thursday!

Ooo, I am warning you, this post is about to be RANDOM!

1)  We're moving buildings at work, which means moving LOTS of books.  I spent most of my morning cleaning out my desk, cube, and two bookshelves.  This counts as cross-training, right?

2)  I'M SO EXCITED about this royal wedding!  I don't even know why!  Are you staying up / waking up early to watch it?  I think we're going to power-nap from 10-2am, then wake up and watch the whole damn thing.

3)  Even though I've been backing off the maniacal calorie counting, I've been failing a bit at eating enough every day.  Yesterday I tried to eat a TON more - including a protein plate from sbux - knowing I had a 5 mile treadmill run in the PM - but still ran a 1500 cal deficit for the day.  YIPES.  Today I have the grumpies because I'm underfueled.  :(

Tomorrow's Friday!  I'm going to Happy Hour with a new friend from work and fueling in a GREAT way for this weekend's long run.  Where will I run?  TBD!  WHEEEEEE.

For fun, here's a picture of me with short hair, +50 lbs , and braces.  In Key West. Where there's SUN.




  1. I am so excited about the royal wedding! I'm also really sick of people whining about it. What does it hurt them that we are excited about it and want to watch? I just hope I can catch it before I have to leave for work.

    Good luck with eating more! I really don't know how to have the not eating enough problem. Especially since I'm starving all the friggin time these days!

  2. Not a fan of the royal wedding, but it doesn't bother me either - so I guess I am nutreal.

    I never have a problem undereating! I do have a problem fueling properly for good runs.

  3. Hmmm. I'm thinking of TiVoing it.

    I wish life was like that Aha video where you could just step into pictures.