Thursday, April 21, 2011

Three Things Thursday!

1)  NAILED my first tempo run last night.  (5 miles, (2x1m at 11:15-11:30) )  

1a)  ((Why yes, I do play with Excel formulas all day.  Today's?  (  (=IF(TODAY()-$C16>7,(VLOOKUP(CONCATENATE($C16,AV$1),'2011 weekly'!$A:$G,4,FALSE)),0))  This says that if today's date minus the week date in C16 is greater than 7 days of the prior Sunday, pull data from my data sheet, otherwise return 0.  MUWAHHA.

2)  I have a mental roadblock when it comes to running without walking.  I've never ran more than a mile without walking.  (I know, right?)

2a)  I'm listening to Genesis Greatest Hits right now.  You're no son, you're no son of miiiiiiiine.

3)  How did I nail tempo miles?   By running without walking. 

Yes, I took a break between the two miles.  But I didn't walk during each mile.  Once.  I didn't die.  I've never done that much consecutively before.  First mile was 10:39, which makes it my fastest mile w/o walking ever.  And it was into a headwind.  Second mile was 11:15 - I was trying to go slower on this one.   I'm kind of proud of myself, but it's SO STUPID.  DEAR BRAIN, quit getting in my way.

3a)  This post is worthless without pictures.

My favorite little pups at my favorite place - the Locks!


  1. You SHOULD be proud! Way to go! You can do more than you think. :)

  2. My best friend made an amazing spreadsheet/budget for her wedding completely by hand with Excel. I watched her put in all that jibberish and it turned into something awesome. I was floored. I am totally jealous of computer-savvy people like yourself.

    Way to break that mental block! You are strong!!

  3. Great job on doing your tempo run, I so need to work on that. I think I am going to have to wait until after this half in a couple of weeks. Maybe for the next one.