Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Non-running things...

A few non-running things, to make me happy:

Mike & I went and saw Top Gun live in a REAL movie theater last night.  It's probably one of our favorite movies - he has most of the movie memorized - and it was SO FUN to see it all big & loud.  Yes, everyone cheered the volleyball scene and laughed at the officer's club scene.  And at the 'Current Day' caption at the opening of the movie.  Current Day - 25 years.

I loooooove live music.  Most of my favorite albums are live recordings of bands.  Today, Brandi Carlile releases her new live album - recorded at a concert I was at here in Seattle at Benaroya Hall.  The coolest part?  She was performing her songs with the Seattle Symphony, which means rock music + full symphony = awesomesauce. 

I want these.  Not for running -  just for around, and only because they are purple.  Good for tailgating?  YOU BETCHA.  (I'm ready for football season now, kthx.)


  1. Top Gun in the theater? AWESOME!!
    And..I want those shoes. Right now. Tailgating?!? BRING IT ON. I have been ready for football season since March Madness ended. The 5 months in between kill me.

  2. I'm really ashamed to admit this, but I have never seen Top Gun. I hope we can still be e-friends.

  3. I'm ready for football, too. But not purple football. PS: I totally smack-talked you today in my post.

  4. Those are UW shoes for sure... Reward for your Half Finish??