Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Road Trip!

It was a gorgeous weekend here in Seattle - temps in the low 80's and SUN!  When we woke up Saturday AM, Mike & I decided to hit the road for a road trip around the Olympics.  

After a few hours hanging out with my parents at their house (and building jumps for JJ!) we drove to our first destination of the day: an overnight stay in Port Angeles.  We had the LAST room available at the hotel.

View from our hotel room - that's the Strait of Juan de Fuca

After we got to the hotel, we realized why it was so busy - there was a World Championship sand-sculpture contest going on.  WHEEE!

This was JJ's first night in a hotel, and he was VERY interested in helping.

We crashed pretty hard after a day playing in the sunshine, and took a morning walk down to the water.


After a quick drive around town, we busted up the side of the mountain to Hurricane Ridge.  Mike & I are both suckers for a pretty view, and you simply can't beat Hurricane Ridge on a clear day.

There's still snow on the ground, so of course I had to go hiking around in flip-flops.  A true Seattle moment.


Back down off the mountain - at 20 mph.  Clear day + views = LOTS of tourists in rental cars.  We decided to ditch the paved road and drive down an 'unpaved' road we found on the map.

We were rewarded with a fantastically maintained gravel road and views of the new and old growth forest that surrounds Olympic National Park.

Back onto the paved road, and lots of this for the next 5 hours.

Traffic was relatively light, and we were often by ourselves on clear, two lane highways.  LOVE.   We stopped off at a beach along the ocean coast, but it was COMPLETELY socked in with fog.  You couldn't even see the waves. :( 

After nearly 9 hours (including a stop at my mom's house to let JJ burn off some energy with their dogs), we arrived back home to Seattle to a FANTASTIC sunset.

 Those mountains in the distance?  Where we were 9 hours ago. :)

Our final route on day 2:


  1. Man, I miss random trips like this. So fun!

  2. sounds like fun! weirdly though, my in laws who live in RI were in Port Angeles this weekend too. small world!

  3. So beautiful! Love the pics...and very funny to me that you are wearing flip flops in the snow!

  4. Beautiful!! and all I can think is "I hope you got to get in a little run in all that majesty!"