Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Weekends...

Are meant for impromptu trips!  Pics tomorrow - but this was our view this morning in Port Angeles.  Good Morning, almost-Canada!

*totally* forgot to pack my running stuff - but let me tell you - we are GOING back to Port Angeles soon so I can run on that path.  It runs along the water for as long as the eye can see.  GORGEOUS.

Oh, and, I wanted to clear something up - in one of the pics I posted in the recap below the clock says 2:24 something.  That was the clock for the 5k, which went off 30 mins after the half begin.  The clock for the half (not in the picture) was at 2:54 - my final chip time was 2:52 and change.  :)  

2:24?  Will come sooner rather than later. :)  


  1. I believe that is the end of the North Olympic Discovery Marathon and Half up there. We should all do that half next year -- it's awesome.

  2. congrats! I wanted to run this but had signed up for warrior dash instead that day. I think the half would have been a lot more fun!

  3. Yup, thats the path to the NODM. The finish line is right where those sand sculptures were :-) In fact, since you like biking so much, you should check out the Discovery Trail. It starts in Sequim and you finish at the Red Lion. 13 perfect miles of beauty!