Monday, July 18, 2011

Pre-Race leadup!

I'm sitting here at work, a worthless lump.  I am EXHAUSTED from the thrill of yesterday.  It is pretty funny when I sit still for about 30 mins, then try to stand up.  HEH.

Let's chat about Friday-Saturday of this weekend?

Friday - work FLEW by.  I jetted out of there a bit early and went straight home.  I don't think I mentioned it on here (we were Not Talking About It), but I sprained my left ankle pretty good at the Dirty Dash with Jill the Saturday prior.  As in, it was still pretty swollen.  And God Forbid I rolled my ankle outwards.  YOUCH.  Anyways.

Jill looks barely dirty.

This is when I started to get pretty nervous.  We headed to bed a decent hour.

Saturday was, well, interesting.  We slept in a bit.  Usually when we sleep in, I am ravenous when I wake up.  Not today.  I managed to choke down yogurt & granola, then sat on the couch, fretting.  Around 3, after a quick nap (lazy day!), I knew I needed to get some more carbs down before dinner with the ladies.  Cue some steel cut oatmeal - I had to force myself to eat.  My stomach was not down with this plan.

At 4 we left to head downtown to pick up the racebibs at the 'expo' and have dinner at Pacific Place.  I, of course, had an additional agenda item: return some stuff at Lululemon.  I wasn't going to buy anything to replace what I was returning.  Fail, of course. :)

It has a really pretty super-fine lime stripe.  Me gusta!

Headed to the expo, found Mel & Jayne.  Didn't find my packet.  :( They didn't have it.  Cue FREAKOUT.  They gave me a new bib number and packet and sent me on my way.  Okay?  The 'Expo' was about 8 booths in an empty ballroom with weird 80's music blasting.  Uhm.   Kerrie called - she was still over an hour out of Seattle.  I ran back in, found Zoe, picked up Kerrie's packet, and we all headed over to the Nordstrom sale. :)

Found a super cute North Face rain jacket 30% off - it was so fun to have the girls there to give me thumbs up/thumbs down. 

More wandering...we find Kerrie...and have dinner.  The menu was kind of small, and I was scared about eating anything too fancy or cheese-filled.  I ended up getting a chicken/pasta/veggie dish that had a reduction-type sauce on it - hearty but not too filling.  YAY!

As we sat down to dinner, I realized that I hadn't had much water so far that day.  Whoops.  I chugged about 5 glasses of water at dinner, but unfortunately was still thirsty. :\

Trying to diagram where we were meeting in the morning.  Splenda = parking, spoons = trees

Dinner folk!

We got home a bit after 9pm.  I started to lay out my outfit and pack Mike's bag.

The plan was for Mike to have a bag with him as he met us around the course.  Since I hadn't had a chance to really iron out kinks in my long run plan, I wanted to be PREPARED.

Bag list:
Nathan Handheld w/ nuun
Body Glide
Extra pair of socks
Gum (two flavors)
M&Ms (for after :) )

Around 11, I finally headed to bed.  I read for a bit (finished up this book) and then laid there.  Quietly.  Mike & dog came to be around 12 (I was still up).  By the time everyone got to bed and settled down, it was after 12:30.  I conked out around 12:45, and then slept solidly until two minutes before my alarm went off at 5:30 for RACE MORNING!!!

Me & Mike after my mandatory sbux am run.


  1. More, more, more! I'm so glad your ankle held out, I had no idea you were injured!

    Also, I'd like to request more pictures of JJ. He's famous after all.

  2. oh man running on a bad ankle and hip!!! You are a rockstar for going for it!!!

  3. That was a weird expo. The music was SO loud, it was like an awkward 80's nightclub. Looking forward to your next post, congrats on your race!

  4. You are soo amazing and such an inspiration to me already! I just found you through the other blogs and am in tears reading back on your posts! I am running my first ever on Sept 4th and see so much of me in you! I hope I rock it half as well as you did! Thank you so much and I look forward to following you and learning more about you! Have the best day EVER!