Monday, February 20, 2012


No one told me that planning a wedding was an all-consuming activity.  Sure, you'll be busy, they said.  But zomg.  I had no idea it was going to be like this.

This weekend, I had high hopes of getting up, working out, grocery shopping, doing laundry.  My veggie drawer started leaking, which is a great indicator of the last time I went grocery shopping.

I got a single load of laundry done.

There were a bunch of wedding related activities - open house at our venue, catering tasting w/ our preferred caterer, family visit to the hotel where most will be staying...and it all just added up.  I don't want to complain (I'm marrying my best friend and that's an amazing thing to have!) but we just need a little break.

This week, outside of the DJ interview Thursday night, is wedding-free.  I won't promise to not surf Style Me Pretty or Pinterest...but we need some time off.  It's the last week of bootcamp and I want to focus on kicking some BUTT through Wednesday.  I have a standing gym appt with a good friend on Thursday.  Friday I'll take the day off work & do a Target run and buy ALL THE THINGS and then have a nap.

How was your weekend?  Tell me about your sweaty activities.  Or your indulgences.  DISTRACT ME, PLEASE.

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  1. Oh man. I wish I could help you. But sometimes that makes it worse. Then you have to manage the helpers!

    Are we swimming on Friday?! Where should we swim?