Monday, February 13, 2012

Wedding! Oh boy!

I've decided to blog a bit about The Wedding (tm) here...hope you all don't mind! 

Initially, we wanted to get married in Seattle proper, preferably somewhere on/near the water.  We wanted a space that allowed for inside ceremonies (in case of rain!) and had an easygoing Northwestern-y vibe.  (Exposed wood, nothing too fancy or overdone)

The venues we found in Seattle proper were decent...but overpriced and we found the staff borderline rude.  Apparently the 'best' venues in Seattle book up a year in when I was looking for a Saturday in September in January...well a few places basically laughed me out of the building/phone/email.

We expanded our search radius to include parts of Puget Sound, including the Hood Canal and San Juan Islands.  We found this gem and scheduled a tour the next weekend.  When we got out of the car that weekend, we knew.  This was it.

The view from the back patio/lawn

The site is an old fishing/port town that has been rebuilt.  it's now home to cute little shops, a beautiful chapel (St. Paul's) and this Pavilion.

We're not entirely sure of how we will use the space just yet.  We have full use of the pavilion, along with a large tent for ~150 people to the left of the building on a stone patio, plus all of the grass in the back.  The grass is actually bordered with a white picket fence and overlooks Hood Canal. 

It's fantastic for what we want - places to get married, drink, eat, and dance. 

This weekend we have a tasting with the caterer we hope to use - and the weekend after is the cake tasting. : )

The best part about Port Gamble?  We get to buy and bring our own booze.  Hello signature cocktails and tasty champagne!


  1. I'm so excited! Do they have a wedding coordinator to help you? If you need one, I can help...I used to do that through my church...yah, That's right...Jill, jack of all trades!

  2. Bringing the bus!!!!! So excited. It's gorgeous!

  3. I have hosted two events there and absolutely loved it! And the staff is super friendly and easy to work with! Yay!

  4. Oh my gosh that place is GORGEOUS! I'm sure your wedding will just e beautiful! And hopefully perfect weather!