Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wedding Dress!

I bought my dress!  Oh holy crap!

Now, I can't post pictures here, because I know Mike sometimes pokes around.  :P  The dress is probably the 7th dress I tried on (4 at the bridal show, 3 before this one at the bridal shop).  It was during my first visit to a bridal shop - a shop I hadn't even known it had existed until my sister went by it on a run and called me, breathless, demanding we go in there.

When you watch shows like Say Yes to the Dress, the brides have this OMG YES THIS IS THE DRESS moment with crying and hysterics and all of that.  I didn't honestly expect to have that reaction at all.  I was just hoping to find something that made my feel like a woman.  Yeah, a woman, with curves and b00bs and something beautiful.

see through bodice?  Uh.

So anyways.  Tried on this dress.  Whoa, yes please.  I couldn't buy it though.  I wanted to try on more dresses!  MORE!  MORE!   I've been waiting since I was a little girl to try on pretty white dresses!  So off I went.  I scheduled appointments at a wide variety of salons in the Seattle area.  Some were fancier than others - while others were full-scale conveyor belts of future brides.

this looks like a giant coffee filter

My aunt accompanied me on most of the appointments - but hadn't seen The Dress.  I kept comparing every dress to that one, so after a particularly disappointing trip to Nordstrom, I caved.  I made an appointment at the original salon, told my aunt and future MIL to come, and tried on the dress.

I cried.

I KNOW!  So silly.  But I did.  My aunt was crying, Mike's mom was crying, my mom & stepdad (while in the middle of Costco in Juneau) were crying.

Needless to say, I bought the dress.  It will be here at the end of June.  I keep looking at pictures of it and sighing happily at my computer. 

At least that part is over with....


  1. The dress shopping is THE best freaking part ---- other than the actual day.

    I tried on one dress. Seriously. The first dress = tears = why try on others.

    I'm so happy for you!!!

  2. Yay! So exciting!

    We didn't have a wedding like that, and I am totally fine with it, but sometimes I miss that part!

    Eek! Another step closer!!!

  3. YEA!!!! I remember finding my dress! After that I didn't even bother trying on any more.

  4. exciting! Congrats!

  5. Yeah for you!! So exciting!!
    I remember we found "the dress" down on the clearance rack while we were waiting for our appointment. I tried on all the dresses the sales consultant brought me and after an hour, I whispered to my mom... I still really like the dress on clearance best! Bahaha! Who gets off that cheap?! Me!

  6. Yeah! That's so great Chelsea! I'm sure it looks beautiful and luscious on you :) You're killing me though - I wish you could post a picture. I'm really wanting to see it!

  7. Now I am DYING to see it!!! So much suspense!!!

  8. beautifull dresses! i'd like to buy from you

  9. Tease. Not even a pic of something similar? Lol

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