Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SOWL Week 8

Current Weight: 189
LW Weight: 191
LW Loss: -2
Total Loss: -11

I couldn't believe the scale this morning.  I was picking up random items in my bathroom, weighing myself with them, and then re-weighing without them.  There's no way, I thought.  Last week I didn't track a calorie, ingested entirely too much booze, did one measly arms workout...but lost two pounds?  Interesting.

I did notice I was eating less food - about 3/4 what I usually do.  But other than that, I just ate things that were good for me and sounded good.  (Wine and beer and vodka ARE good for you.  Sometimes.  Ahem.)

The 180's (wooo!) for me mean:
1)  I am within 10 lbs of the weight on my driver's license (!!)
2)  A weight I haven't seen since I was 14
3)  Officially losing 35lbs.
4)  Closer to my 40 lbs reward.  TBD, but budgeting $250

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